Devolution ALC Review

Date Read:  October 31, 2020 Title:  Devolution Author:  Max Brooks Genre:  Horror Audience:  Adult; perhaps some teens who enjoy horror. Rating:  4 stars Things I liked:  The full cast recording was AMAZING. I mean, Nathan Fillion, Jeff Daniles, Kate Mulgrew – how could a reader ask for more?  World War Z continues to be one … Continue reading Devolution ALC Review

Homie Book Review

Date Read:  March 9, 2020 Title:  Homie Author:  Danez Smith Genre:  Poetry Audience:  Adult Rating:  5 stars Things I liked:  Everything.   Things I disliked:  Nothing 🙂 To be honest, I’m not a big reader of poetry. Some of this is because I lack the patience to read literature that uses language that is sometimes too … Continue reading Homie Book Review

The Proposal review

Date Read:  March 4, 2020 Title:  The Proposal Author:  Jasmine Guillory Genre:  Romance Audience:  Adult Rating:  4 stars Things I liked:  Oh, the premise! Imagine having your not-so-serious boyfriend propose to you via jumbotron at a professional baseball game and then turn him down because duh. The whole idea is enough to make me…well, I … Continue reading The Proposal review

Toil & Trouble

Date Read:  February 13, 2020 Title:  Toil & Trouble Author:  Augusten Burroughs Genre:  Memoir Audience:  Adult Rating:  3.5 stars Things I liked:  I’ve always enjoyed Burroughs’ voice. Literally and metaphorically, in this case, as I listened to this on audio. He’s both arrogant and self-deprecating. And though sometimes his complaints about himself can come across … Continue reading Toil & Trouble